Friday, March 23, 2007

Learning Agreements

Individual Learning Plans and Learning Agreements could be the most effective form of assessment in a structure like The Polychronic Classroom.

From the wonderful SLED listserve:
We use an model for assessment that utilises something we call a ‘Learning Agreement’
which is a combination of dissertation and
personal development document.
> •      an individual creative approach to study as described in and 
> negotiated through the Learning Agreement.
> • the demonstration of a consolidated ability to research and
> produce visual outcomes which reflect the approach to study and
> which are capable of functioning within the context of graphic arts
> and design practice.
> • the demonstration of a developed utilisation of appropriate
> technical and practical skills in the mediation of ideas and
> intentions
> • through the Learning Agreement the demonstration of an
> informed capacity for self-critical reflection.
> • through the Learning Agreement the demonstration of the
> ability to situate the practice within the wider technical, social
> and cultural contexts of graphic arts and design
> • the ability to effectively articulate and communicate
> intentions and outcomes to others within appropriate academic and
> professional contexts."

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