Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Question of the week - Week 2 - OLN Learning Communities Initiative

"What's the most useful lesson life has taught you? And if you could pass one lesson on to the class of 2020, what would it be?"

I think being a father AND a teacher and finding the connection between the two was extremely important for me. I was told, 'You never really learn something until you teach it.' I believe this to be very true. I wold suggest that the class of 2020 become educators - and not necessarily in the occupational sense. Share your knowledge... Contribute to the greater consciousness we are building and in turn you will be rewarded by having more help than you will ever need.

What this means to you may differ... Perhaps it means adding or editing Wikipedia or checking the creative commons box when uploading to Flickr. Maybe this means something different - volunteering your time as a tutor or coach, mentoring and sharing your experience; being a role model. Anyway you choose... share.

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